Our Billing Policies

Emory Hospitals provides health care services to all individuals without regard to race, creed or national origin.  The Hospitals provide appropriate medical treatment to patients requiring emergency care without regard to the patient’s ability to pay.


The Hospitals are part of Emory Healthcare, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a high standard of healthcare services and maintaining leadership in the medical community.  We are a major healthcare provider that operates solely on patient service funds and does not supplement operational expenses from state or local tax revenues. In order to provide high quality services it is necessary for us to maintain a strong financial position.  Prompt collection of patient accounts is a major contributor to that position.  We make every effort to collect payment due for services rendered, including, where necessary, the option of litigation. 


Emory Hospitals accepts medical insurance and submits claims on behalf of patients who provide sufficient coverage information before, during or immediately after the registration process. Insurance company reimbursement is subject to rules and requirements listed in the terms of the patient’s coverage plan.  These may include verification, pre-authorization, confirmation of medical necessity, deductibles and co-payments.  Our pre-registration and business office staff assist in obtaining these pre-requisites, but it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure they are met prior to arriving for non-critical medical services.  Patients also are responsible for paying balances not covered by their insurance plans, including charges in accounts with insurance that cannot be verified during a patient stay.  Financial counselors are available to assist patients who need help with arrangements to pay their bills.


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The Hospitals operate a central business office with shared policies and expectations. We maintain patient accounts separately by visit date for each hospital.  Insurance companies are expected to pay claims promptly in accordance with Georgia law.  Business office staff perform routine follow-up to ensure timely reimbursement.  Our staff sometimes requests patient assistance in contacting payers for claims that remain unpaid despite reasonable collection efforts.  All of us benefit from active patient partnership in following up on claims submitted to insurance carriers.


Emory contracts with outside collection services for various reasons, including assisting business office with routine billing and follow-up, administering payment plans, and pursuing collection of outstanding balances.  Once an account has been placed with an agency, hospital business office contact with the patient may be limited and directed to the agency to which the account is assigned.


Our access and financial counseling staff make every effort to calculate accurate admissions deposits for deductibles, co-payments, etc.  However, this is only an estimate based on factors at the time of request.  The balance may differ depending on final consideration by the insurance company.  


If an account’s patient balance is overpaid, the Hospitals issue a prompt refund check.  Please note that refunds are not credited back to the patient’s credit or debit card. 

Please use the following link to access the Emory Healthcare charity policy.
Charity Policy - English

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